10 Tips to Cultivate Your Creativity Link

Eric Maidel, Ph.D, explains creativity in his latest book, Making Your Creative Mark. Associate Editor of ‘World of Psychology’ Margarita Tartakovsky explains 10 main tips from Maidel’s book. These 10 tips can also be applied to the business world, and used to unlock your innovative potential.

  1. Set a starting ritual. Begin a ritual, such as meditation, drinking tea, or listening to  certain song, to signal to your brain that you are ready to create.

  1. Challenge yourself to create every day. Pledge to do creative work every single day, even for a short period of time. Try this for the next 14 days and see where this method takes you.

  1. Instead of discipline, think devotion. Think about the difference between discipline, something that implies an aspect of force and structure, and devotion, which implies passion and feeling.

  1. Have a Q&A. If you are having trouble getting started, ask yourself an interesting question and come up with an answer to jump start the session.

  1. Focus on the thoughts that serve you. There can be a lot of self-doubt within the creative process, but do not let negative thoughts stop you. Only think those thoughts that can be useful.

  1. Learn to manage anxiety. Anxiety can be a roadblock in creativity, so explore ways to relax and rewind through breathing exercises or other, more personalized, choices.

  1. Become an expert of “blockage.” Make an effort to understand how your creative blocks manifest themselves to better push past them.

  1. Create in the morning. Mornings are a perfect time for creativity, because you have just slept and can begin your day having already been productive.

  1. Brainstorm strategies. Begin lists for starting, working, and completing, and then list strategies to aid you through each aspect of the three processes.

  1. Forget talent. Do not think about whether or not you possess the intangible, and focus on showing up and putting in the effort for creativity.

Creativity is a process, and it is important that you stick with a project and support yourself throughout. How do you optimize your creativity? Share this post via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I really look forward to your comments, so please add to the discussion using the comment fields below.