January 22


Signs of Business Growth

10 hot management jobs in 2013


Another sign of economic strength is the growth of high-salary jobs, such as these reported by Anne Fisher, based on an interview with Brian Sullivan, CEO of CTParnters, published in Fortune:

The Health Care sector:
1. Chief operations and integration officer.

2. Chief business officer.

3. Vice president of market access.

The Financial Services sector:
4. Compliance manager.

5. Chief risk officer.

6. Emerging payments officer.

The Information Technology sector:
7. Vice president of digital marketing.

8. Consumer Internet chief.

9. Head of analytics, Big Data.

New position across major sectors:
10. Vice president, cloud services.

Top tech talent is forecast to be in strong demand. Check out the full story for all the details: 10 hot management jobs in 2013 – Fortune Management.

What are the hot jobs in your industry?

Add your comments below.

Photo Credit: Department of Labor Shawn T Moore


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