April 2


Wanna-Be Leaders Suffer from Self-Imposed Limits

Les McKeown describes the three biggest excuses of wanna-be leaders: “I’m not in a leadership position”, “I need someone’s permission”, and “I have/can’t find a role model.”

Leaders Stay in the Game, Figure Out a Way to Win
The most significant common characteristic among all of these excuses is that the person in question, the wanna-be leader, has taken himself or herself out of the game due to a limiting belief. Vast variations of those limiting beliefs exist, yet they are all internal justifications, alibis, rationalizations, and excuses.

Breaking free from these internal restrictions requires a decision more than anything external, such as an opportunity, champion, or lucky break.

To be a leader, you must embrace what needs to be done and marshall the resources to accomplish an objective.Les has other great ideas to share in his interview on My Quest for the Best. His “3 Biggest Excuses of Wanna-Be Leaders” is online at Inc.com. You can follow him (@lesmckeown) on Twitter.


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