November 30


3 Steps to Avoid Feast or Famine Business Development

Do you know of any businesses that are either having more business than they know what to do with or wondering why the phone isn’t ringing?

That’s the feast or famine cycle that start-up companies follow. As you develop into a growth stage business, getting new clients and new projects be comes more predictable.

Here are 3 areas to focus on to accelerate that progress:

  1. You’ve got to market all the time, whether you’ve got no business waiting, some project activity, or are running full out with a waiting list. Decide what channels you’ll use, such as new web content, printed newsletters, published articles, and so on, then schedule time to do it so you’re always in the minds of those who are likely to need your services.

  2. Move to a CRM, or customer relationship management tool, now. Using a real CRM gets you to think in terms of a pipeline and how to manage the process from initial meeting to signed deal.

  3. Realize that as your company grows, other people will be taking on tasks that you’re doing today, so think in terms of creating systems that will allow you to delegate what you do. This includes marketing and sales activities, too.

Business becomes much more satisfying to run once you get beyond this feast or famine stage and have sales become a more regular, reliable, and predictable process.




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