3 Tech Trends Impacting Small Business

Technology is everywhere, and evolving rapidly. Stay up to date with John McGarvey as he highlights the three tech trends with the most potential to benefit your business in the Dashburst blog.

  1. Cashless Payment: Mobile payment solutions (such as Untuit, GoPayment, and Square) that are easy to sign up for have allowed even the smallest of businesses to accept card payments as opposed to cash. Credit card sensors are becoming more simple and efficient, something that can give small retailers and other companies a competitive edge.

  2. Touch Screens Everywhere: Touch screens are becoming standard in a variety of capacities. Utilizing these in your company will give customers a feel that you are up-to-date with the latest technologies.

  3. Printing Objects to Order: 3D printers are available today, and as the technology improves, they will become more prevalent. Customers will appreciate a machine that prints products as they order them.

How would these technological changes fit into your company? How would you utilize them to your advantage? Do you think technology could give you a significant edge over the competition? Comment below.