June 23


30 Day Challenges to Change Your Life

For people who like to make changes in their lives by jumping into the deep end, 30 day challenges are a great way to avoid procrastination and get excited about change. A recent Inc article lays out a collection 30 day challenges to start your new lifestyle. Here’s three:

  • Negotiate once a day to practice your negotiation skills and get used to the feeling of discomfort. The article suggests doing this at your stop at Starbucks, or some other casual place where you can try to negotiation. It also turns out that if you ask for it, people are more likely to help you out. 
  • Quit social media. Studies say that you may be happier, and it can add so much more time to your day.
  • Get up ridiculously early. This advice comes from Entrepreneur Skyler Irvine, who experienced a crying baby waking him up every day at 4:30 am. He took the challenge to wake up at 4 am everyday, which gave him 3 hours to be productive before the world woke up. This boosted his productivity and helped him kick his nighttime scotch habit.

There are many habits that you can try to add to your life by jumping in an doing to 30 day challenge. See the rest of the list for more ideas about life-changing challenges.


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