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5 Jobs Every Entrepreneur Should Work Before Building a Business

Nobody is born to be an an entrepreneur. Years of experience doing various other jobs and tasks play a significant role in driving someone towards entrepreneurship. For a potential venture to be successful, an entrepreneur has to have a pretty good idea about what he’s doing, know the risks and chance of success, and hopefully have some capital to begin with. Having a steady job before taking the grand entrepreneurial leap will give you the experience, skills, and resources you need in order to ultimately be successful.

Yet, some jobs are better than others in this aspect. Some will equip you with the skills you need more quickly than other industries.

5 Jobs Entrepreneurs Should Work Prior to Building a Business

  1. Retail (Knowing Your Customers)– Anyone who works retail will tell you that to do your job well you need to be a bit of a mind reader. The most successful retail associates tend to have a unique skill: preemptive knowledge of customers. This is because customers tend to not always know exactly what they want, so your job will be to figure that out for them, and direct them to the thing that will make them the happiest.
  2. Food Services (High-Performance)– Food service is an out of the frying pan into the fire sort of environment. This high-pressure, high stakes workplace forces you to multi-task, stay calm under pressure, and deal with people who are bad at doing both of those things.
  3. Sales (Exceptional Communication) – Sales is based entirely on communication, and any job in sales is sure to sharpen those skills.
  4. Customer Service (Conflict Resolution)– Although it’s true that every job requires some level of customer service, it’s important to choose a job where this is 90% of your workday. Dealing with people day after day will allow you to see the full spectrum of human emotion, and teach you how to resolve conflicts that would puzzle most people without this experience.
  5. Management (Effective Leadership)– Skills like teamwork, time-management, and resource-allocation are critical to the success of a new business venture, and there’s few better ways to hone those skills than in management.

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Breaking out as an entrepreneur requires boldness, commitment, and a healthy level of business experience. Having skills acquired from a diversity of positions will prepare you more effectively for life as an entrepreneur than any textbook ever could.

What jobs or experiences do you think have prepared you the most for your undertakings as entrepreneur? Is there something you wish you had taken the time to learn before starting your venture?


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