February 19


6 Reasons Being Married To A Fellow Entrepreneur Rocks

Anson Sowby and his wife Ro Cysne are both entrepreneurs. In a world where 50% of startups fail within the first year he’s been accused of being crazy. Sowby has 6 solid reasons why despite the crazy that can seep into your life with double the startup trouble, it’s also a wonderful wonderful thing.

You can be crazy together:  No one but another entrepreneur would truly understand the dilemma of prioritizing  your honeymoon or a big client pitch. Sowby was faced with such a situation.  His wife understood and (crazily) suggested that they push back the honeymoon.

Networking: Sowby notes that in addition to having a solid +1 to attend networking events with, your networking circles is now doubled! Start ups have common business needs that a power entrepreneurial couple can help fill.

Piggybacking: Entrepreneurs know how to leverage their resources, and as a duo you have twice the amount of resources to share. Sowby recounts a quick family photo that was easy to snap between models prepping for Ro’s clothing collection.

Short commutes: With the ability to choose your own office location, entrepreneurs can spend more time together and not in a car (with potential road rage).

Motivation: Things get difficult as an entrepreneur on a daily basis.  A spouse who is an entrepreneur understands how hard the struggle is and is much better at helping you see the bigger picture (because they see it too).

A built-in writing buddy: With similar mindsets, you have a second brain who can help you get the work done.

Read the full article from Anson Sowby at Forbes


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