June 10


6 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Set Themselves Apart

Amanda McCormick explains that while there’s no well-defined roadmap to success as an entrepreneur, there are few things entrepreneurs can do which can make that road seem infinitely more accessible:

They Are Doers not Dreamers

It’s one thing to envision an idea, but successful entrepreneurs are the ones who turn those ideas into realities – ones with solid market potential.

They Pursue Niche Markets

It takes bravery to be a specialist in a world of generalists, but

that’s the only way to break free from the status quo. Occupying a niche market is a surefire way for entrepreneurs from other competitors, and will help them better connect with the clients who will support them and help them grow.

They Don’t Do It All Themselves

One of the easiest traps to fall into as an entrepreneur is to think that they have to do everything themselves. This is not only inefficient, but will quickly lead to exhaustion and burn out. Successful entrepreneurs hire people who can take on tasks which will free the entrepreneur to go out and do what he does best.

They Find Ways to Be More Efficient

Deliberate goal setting, with small easily achievable goals, medium range goals, and long-term “big picture” goals, helps to keep entrepreneurs on track with what they’re attempting to produce. They understand that proper planning and paying close attention to productivity will keep things from falling behind and jamming up the works.

They Learn from Others’ Experience

Successful entrepreneurs will seek out industry leaders with entrepreneurial business experience and learn everything they can from them. This not only helps new entrepreneurs develop management and strategy skills, but also will give them the opportunity to learn from their mentor’s mistakes.

They Are Problem Solvers
Necessity is the mother of invention, and many successful entrepreneurs have risen to their status because of their ability to create solutions for problems before anyone else. The best entrepreneurs are able to replicate this process again and again.


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Which of the six could make the biggest difference in your business? What’s a tip that you would add?


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