March 9


7 Major Tech Trends Your Business Needs To Take Advantage of Right Now

Mobile first strategies are good, but the mobile only age is coming. Traditionally your strategy was to create a desktop web presence then sort out the mobile side. But the large smartphone market and countless apps gear to mobile only (take instagram and twitter) should have you reconsidering this.

Don’t just ‘do’ social media, do it by design. Social media can be powerful. But without ROI it eats up valuable time, chances are (hopefully) you have some social media already, and if it isn’t performing like you’d like it’s time to step back and ask yourself some things: What is your business objective? What is your social network community (not site)? Do you have an incentive scheme tied in with social media? Does this platform serve your network best?
Think of design as a discipline. Everyone appreciates a thoughtfully put together site, so design to your market. Instead of starting from the sales side, rethink your floppy disk ‘save button’ graphics and make your user experience flawless and appropriate.

IPv6 is coming (really) and you need to be ready. The world is running out of IP addresses. Lets not have a mass panic Y2K scenario when it really rolls around. Take care of it now, you’ll need it in 2-3 years anyhow.

Really use your data to innovate. Big data’s the rage at the moment, but data’s just another tool unless you use it. Use your data to prune and nuture the parts of your business appropriately.

Realizethe potential of gamification. In a world saturated with games of all sorts think not trajectory launched birds but leaderboards and rewards systems in the real world can help your business grow.

You will be hacked. Find a way to deal with it. Despite your best efforts and countless systems you will get hacked. Some studies suggest 94% of cyber breaches go undetected, and many use a perimeter based system so if someone does manage to get in they’ve got free reign. Since it’s really more a matter of when, than if, how you handle it is important. It’s definitely time to take a second look at your security.

This isn’t just an article to read, but rather one to convert to a to-do list for your company. Assign these responsibilities and check back with your team each week until they are completed.

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Photo Credit: VEB Robotron Elektronik Dresden, Computer EC 2655M Via WikiMedia


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