A Gratitude Visit is a Powerful Tool for Life Satisfaction


Marty Seligman describes the benefits of a Gratitude Visit, one of the most powerful techniques I’ve encountered for bonding with a significant person from my past. For me, my maternal grandmother was a figure of love, strength, and stability in my childhood. She moved away for about 10 years when I was in 7th grade, then came back to New Jersey. Grandma and I became closer again and she enjoyed celebrating the major milestones of my family and business ventures. When I learned about the Gratitude Visit, I set out to thank her for all the kind words and deeds she had shared with me and it was a very meaningful and emotional visit. In it, I realized that many people don’t make time to focus on sharing appreciation with another person who is in their life, and that’s a it’s a big loss when that opportunity is no longer available. If you take responsibility for every aspect of your life, like many of my friends and clients do, be sure to devote time on a regular basis to express gratitude to the meaningful people in your life. And if you want to take it a step further, share what it was like in the comments area below.