A Tip to Overcome the Cultural Conditioning that Erodes our Self-Esteem


In listening to the stories of thousands of entrepreneurs and successful business owners, it’s apparent that each of us has had to overcome embarrassing or otherwise challenging situations. When we were in school, it might have been being unprepared for an exam or recital. In business, it might have been losing a contract or incurring a big unexpected expense. Those situations are lousy, but here is the interesting part: the top business earners (i.e. rainmakers) do something that less successful people do not do. Rainmakers celebrate wins. It sounds so simple, yet the results are extraordinary.

In this video, Jack Canfield underscores this idea and offers a practical way of recording your wins, so you can develop this habit that the very successful share. Journaling is a great tool for reflection. Watch the video of Jack Canfield and learn a great new technique to add to your repertoire.