September 30


Apple Tops List of World’s Most Innovative Companies… Again

Entrepreneur writer Catherine Clifford points out the annual list of the most innovative companies by Boston Consulting Group. For the ninth year in a row Apple topped the list of the most innovative companies. Google slipped to the third spot this year after maintaining the second position from 2006 to 2012. Samsung lands at the second position from being no. 26 in 2008.

The automobile industry also made a significant appearance in the list. Tesla, the electric automaker and the brainchild of iconic entrepreneur Elon Musk was on the list for the first time. Besides, Ford and BMV ranked in the top 10.

Kim Wagner, a BCG senior partner and co-author of the report said, “Tech and telecom still rule a big part of the innovation roost, but we are also seeing a resurgence in recognition for the ability of traditional manufacturers to innovate in product, process, and technology. Auto companies are leading the way.”

In addition, this year, some “up and coming” companies that are still relatively young also got a spot in the most innovative companies list. BCG recognized Alibaba, Groupon, mobile messaging platform Line (NHN Corporation), Netflix, Pinterest, internet-retailer Rakuten, Spotify, Square, free messaging platform WhatsApp and consumer electronics company Xiaomi Technologies in this category.

Following are the list of the 20 most innovative companies in the world:

1. Apple

2. Samsung

3. Google

4. Microsoft

5. Toyota

6. IBM

7. Amazon

8. Ford

9. BMW

10. General Electric

11. Sony

12. Facebook

13. General Motors

14. Volkswagen

15. Coca-Cola

16. Hewlett-Packard

17. Hyundai

18. Honda

19. Audi

20. Daimle

The majority of those surveyed said that innovation is within the top three priorities for their companies.

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