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Andrew Carnegie and His “Gospel of Wealth”

Renowned leader of the steel expansion of the 19th century, philanthropist, and businessman, Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist with an inspirational rags to riches tale. Born in Scotland

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Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Presentations

Summary of Rand Fishkin’s Tips: Eliminate or race through well-known or highly obvious information. Never show multiple elements of info on a slide before you talk about them. Customize your examples

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Stephen Covey: Best Quotes and Leadership Inspiration

Stephen Covey was an esteemed author, respected professor, and founder of the Covey Leadership Center (now FranklinCovey) most well known for his international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective

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The Role Dimensions that Lead to Happy, Productive Team Members

If you’re a team leader whose main goal is to develop a happy and productive team, how do you make that happen? Truth is, there are a few different strategies, and all of them require a degree of

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27 Tools for Thriving as a Leader in Tough Times

  More often than not, people will be able to better relate to your struggles than your successes. This is because the struggles and challenges which accompany the road to success are something that

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Let’s Do It Again! What Causes Repeat Business

If you are willing to do this 3-minute exercise with me, I can help you overcome the hidden hurdle to getting repeat business. Are you up for it? Great. You may travel for business like I do and find

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How Top Founders Stay Focused – 6 Key Motivators

On the surface, it may seem goals like getting rich and having power would be powerful motivators. Yet, studies have shown that these external motivators carry little long term weight. Author Bill George

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Shorten Your Success Cycle with the Crucial Customer Validation Step

Some ideas come into the world organically, and they see great success. Companies with these ideas meet customer desires and provide products and services for a large market. Companies like Facebook

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Amazon Shipping

Factory Photo Tour of Amazon Shipping has been an internationally acclaimed online retailing powerhouse for more than 2 decades. Yet, what many people don’t know is that the company owes a majority of its massive success to

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How to Make the Modern Gig Economy Work for You

The concept of the shared economy, despite all of its hopeful potential, has been left behind in favor of the something more suited to the American way of thinking: the gig economy – and you can make

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