November 4


Jackie Freiberg, Leadership Expert and Bestselling Author, Appears on My Quest for the Best

Bestselling author (Nuts, about Southwest Airlines’s bold and effective business practices and Guts, about what companies are actually doing to restore trust and confidence in the workplace ) and award-winning leadership expert Jackie Freiberg offered unique insights and meaningful advice in our My Quest for the Best interview. Our discussion covered what organizations should do to make strategy part of their culture, how to recognize and avoid “Dead Person Working” syndrome, and what leading companies do to invest in their people. Jackie also shared her conviction that leadership is really about relationships unfolding and gave tips on how leaders can use feedback as a gift for growth rather than as a destructive tool.

I highly recommend visiting her interview page to listen to our conversation and learn more about Jackie’s work. It’s a don’t-miss interview for any leader, new or established, and for high potentials interested in how mega-companies have risen to the top.


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