Become Famous in Your Niche Followup Call

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Become Famous in Your Niche Follow-up Call

The 7 Proven Principles to Become Famous in Your Niche So Business Comes to You

  1. Select your niche from your target market.
  2. Decide on a strategy that plays to your strengths.
  3. Offer value in ways that can be measured.
  4. Reward those who respond, deliver more than expected.
  5. Deliver superior results consistently.
  6. Teach them and refer and recommend.
  7. Refresh your niche every 9-12 months.


Preparation Tips:

  • Review the principles above.
  • Go through the workbook and/or any notes you took about how to apply these lessons.
  • Take a look at your calendar and identify events where you applied these principles
  • Record what results you got below – don’t worry about home runs because singles and doubles help you get on base.
  • Feel free to add any questions you have below, as well, prior to the call.


Connect with Bill:

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Additional Resources (to be added at the conclusion of the call)

  • Recording of the Q&A call

Enter any wins, successes, or questions you have below…


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