Best Advice to Entrepreneurs from CEO: “Don’t do it”

David Rogier, CEO and CO Founder of MasterClass, gave a surprising answer on a question on Quora, when a user ask for the best advice for first-time entrepreneurs? His first bit of advice: was “Don’t do it,” due to the toll it can have on every part of your life. However, he also writes that if you “want to do it… it is the most amazing thing you can do.”  Here’s why:

  • You can impact the world, meet people, and learn from your your experience. Rogier’s advice is to get an adviser for the business stuff and a therapist for the personal stuff.
  • Don’t worry so much. It’s not helpful in the end.
  • Don’t build too much with out feedback and testing because it can result in losses and it is easy to test.
  • Everyday your job is to “not destroy the business”

See Rogier’s full answers here, and start your journey as an entrepreneur with his advice.