February 22


Big Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing is no longer a fad… so get your strategies in order

Content marketing has seen a 13% increase in spending over the past 2 years. Given this fact, it seems strange that while 90% of marketers believe content marketing will grow in the next year less than half have a strategy in place.

Greater understanding of the link between content and digital

A good content strategy needs to support its digital counterpart. The main objective is to engage your target audience so they will return.

In terms of content, quality is most definitely king.

If you really want to engage your audience, quality is key. There is a world of difference between stuff and relevant stuff.

Multi-channel needs a strategy first approach

To send consistent messages across the many different mediums that are available today planning is key. Content marketing will help ensure that all channels complement each other.

Big data will become a big issue.

Because of the vast amount of visitor data that will accumulate for each post (in any media) it is equally important to have the tools to utilize the data as a means to guide your marketing efforts.

Mobile is still the right way to go

Mobile devices have experienced explosive growth, and have been forecasted to continue so in the foreseeable future. As such, a company would be remiss not to capitalize on this before the market becomes too massive to compete in.

Video will continue to be hot property

According to comScore data, US internet users watched 39 billion videos in September 2012. Even low budget or videos made with old content will be effective as long as they’re sharable, and eye catching.

Content curation

The content you share is an extension of your brand and is a continuation of your sales message. With so many ways to post content, good content curation is becoming a high demand marketing strategy.

Print isn’t dead

Despite many assurances print media is far from dead. Areas where readership receives free magazines the growth ROI in especially high.

New roles are emerging.
Due to the rise of digital marketing and media trends new specialized roles are emerging that focus on content creation and online marketing. If your company doesn’t have one yet, it’s likely to change fairly soon.

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