Bill Ringle Leads Forum on Finding New Business Opportunities

Bill Ringle Leads Forum on Finding New Business Opportunities

Philadelphia, PA – September 27, 2011 – Nationally known speaker, author, and CEO coach Bill Ringle will lead this month’s forum, “Finding New Business Opportunities,” on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 4:00pm ET. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are feeling the squeeze of the economy and having trouble finding new business opportunities – much less seeing them through into a lasting client relationship. The October conversation is designed to address this critical concern.

As you’re seeking out the best business opportunities, it’s important to make sure you’re looking in the most useful places and talking to the people who can help you advance your business goals. Knowing the different types of buyer and the strategies that work best for each are keys to success. Good preparation and strong follow-through help seal the deal, turning a business opportunity into a mutually rewarding business relationship.

“An economy in flux, like we had for the past 2 years and will persist for months to come, is a giant wake up call. The rules and conditions change for B2B buyers, so if you’re offering products and services to this market, you’ve got to respond to find success. If you’re not meeting buyers at the regular networking meetings, it’s time to try something new. If spending hours and hours feeding your social media channels is resulting in lots of friends, but few if any buyers, it’s time to re-evalate that strategy. If the ad you’re running isn’t generating leads, it’s time to take a different approach. On this call, we’ll talk about what’s really working and I’ll address your questions,” says business growth strategist, Bill Ringle. gives business owners and entrepreneurs answers to their most pressing business growth questions. The website and accompanying conference calls, focusing on a different subject each month, will give business owners unprecedented access to Ringle’s expertise, experience, and advice, as well as allow them to benefit from the shared exchanges with other business owners.

Bill Ringle works with entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to overcome the five big challenges to business growth so that they can run profitable and rewarding businesses rather than become stuck and overwhelmed in unfulfilling and draining roles. He has worked on four continents, is the author of four business books, and inspires and educates thousands of business leaders each year through his speaking, coaching, interactive programs, and educational products.

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