Bill Ringle Shares Business Tools with GreenNet Participants in “Recalibrating Your Business GPS”

Philadelphia, PA – Bill Ringle, business growth strategist and CEO of, introduced GreenNet seminar participants to three powerful business growth tools in his presentation “Recalibrating Your Business GPS”. Ringle’s Business GPS model utilizes a hybrid view of internal and external environmental factors to help business owners find more quality buyers, engage them in a meaningful business conversation, and move quickly to providing value.

Participants received a checklist of factors to evaluate for guiding their business to growth, learned to identify common warning signals that they have veered off the growth path, discovered new ways of connecting with prospects to earn their trust, and much more.

“I am reminded of what’s important. My success is dependent upon my actions. I must motivate myself and make good choices to achieve my goals,” said Allsteel’s Donna Volpone after Ringle’s presentation. Terry Smith of Universal Motor Distributors added, “I really enjoyed the seminar’s energy and the positive direction. Bill is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter. Great session!”

GreenNet is a professional resource network of Mid-Atlantic based providers of sustainable building solutions devoted to promoting green building practices amongst themselves and the building community at large. Its mission is to extend sustainable building solutions to the built community and help its members develop and extend their professional network of green building providers and beneficiaries. It schedules meetings monthly and posts updates on its website,

Bill Ringle coaches and mentors business owners and leads seminars nationally on business growth and leadership development topics. He works with high performing entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to overcome the five big challenges to business growth so that they can run profitable and rewarding business rather than become stuck and overwhelmed in unfulfilling and draining roles. He has written more than 340 articles for publication online, in company newsletters, and in print publications around the world; has authored or co-authored four books; and conducts regular interviews with business, thought, and community leaders through the audio magazine, My Quest for the Best. Each month he answers questions from business and sales leaders on a particular growth topic during the call-in show