August 16


Building Trust While Holding Interest Online

In this YouTube video, Sally Hogshead, CSP, CPAE, reveals great insights about the dynamic balance in being consistent to build trust while avoiding boring your audience. This is especially true on social media. We all know boring Facebook posts when we see them, but how do we avoid falling into this trap (especially if you’ve had your fill of updates on what your friends have fed their cats today)? Sally actually used her 5,000+ Facebook fans to assess what makes a Facebook update worthwhile or not.

Sally walks her talk, as you’ll see in this video – she is fun, engaging, and she stimulates new ideas. My biggest takeaway from this particular clip is that we have to focus on creating content for our network to share with their network to reap the greatest benefits. It’s the right focus for triple-win content production for experts sharing their message.

View the video and let me know below whether you agree with her insight that she gives at the very end of the clip about how to make your content of great personal value to your listeners.


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