March 15


Can Technology Make You More Engaged At Work?

At one point or another you’ve probably gotten completely off track in the vortex of distraction that is the internet. Perhaps, despite this, it’s been enhancing our productivity as well. In a paper published by the  University of Tehran technology reportedly increases our sense of worth and productivity by increasing efficacy and intelligence.

 While facilitating a meeting for a CEO and his direct reports, someone recently joked that to improve productivity, we should just cut off access to the Internet. That’s one of those perfect situations where a dozen executives all laugh in recognition of the downside of being so connected and felt that this idea might have some merit. “How about just ‘no e-mail Fridays’? another chimed in?” This led to a substantial discussion about tradeoffs, setting expectations, and taking  a “no excuses” responsibility for outcomes approach that each exec started to envision in his or her functional area.

Ah, these are the teachable moments that I thrill in — perhaps Seth’s article will stimulate a conversation among the leaders at your workplace.

Read Seth Godin’s Fast Company article for more..


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