August 16


Carol Roth: Business Strategist and Bestselling Author on My Quest for the Best

Carol Roth is a business strategist, content producer, deal maker, former investment banker, and author of the New York Times bestselling book The Entrepreneur Equation. Carol has worked with hundreds of companies, ranging from a single entrepreneur with an idea to Fortune 500 businesses, on all aspects of business and financial strategy. Collectively, she has helped her clients raise more than $1 billion in capital, complete $750+ million in mergers and acquisitions, secure high-profile licensing and partnership deals and create 7-figure brand loyalty programs.

Carol is known for her tough love style – she tells it like it is, but as she says, she will give you a hug afterwards. She draws upon her broad experience base to provide advice ranging from the business basics to the bold (think firing your customers) with a fresh, no-holds-barred approach. She refers to her advisory style as the “Spinach in Your Teeth®” philosophy, warning business owners to never trust anyone who won’t tell them that they have spinach stuck in their teeth.

Listen to Carol’s expert My Quest for the Best interview to learn:

  • The importance of re-evaluating business models from a non-emotional basis

  • How to think about what “good risk” means

  • A secret to successful business planning that separates thriving businesses from business casualties

  • How the Rule of 3x lets you budget resources, and more importantly, manage expectations better

  • Why scalability is so important to think about as an end goal

I recommend picking up a copy of Carol’s book and listening to her expert advice.


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