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Honor Those Who Taught You By Carrying the Flame Forward

As a strategic advisor to senior leaders, I’m often teaching that one of the roles that all leaders have is to instill in others values, open doors to new opportunities, share information and skills

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5 Ways to Select the Best Advice to Follow

Maxine, CEO of a national call center, had invited me to meet and discuss what elements to prioritize in a custom leadership development program she wanted to roll out for her top managers. We sat at her

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The Role Dimensions that Lead to Happy, Productive Team Members

If you’re a team leader whose main goal is to develop a happy and productive team, how do you make that happen? Truth is, there are a few different strategies, and all of them require a degree of

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Let’s Do It Again! What Causes Repeat Business

If you are willing to do this 3-minute exercise with me, I can help you overcome the hidden hurdle to getting repeat business. Are you up for it? Great. You may travel for business like I do and find

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6 Tips for Safeguarding Great Ideas

Once an idea is born, it has a long way to go before it can reach the point of implementation. Many things can get in the way of burgeoning ideas – naysayers, lack of resources, and bad management among

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Vacations Can Rejuvenate with a Little Planning

Most hardworking people look forward to vacation, but only a select few truly know how to vacation well. Those who make the most of their time off will come back rejuvenated with a new sense of purpose,

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Give Employees More Control and You’ll Find Greater Commitment

What if you could convince your team to dedicate more time to work without any added cost to you? Believe it or not, the simple act of offering your employees more control over their work schedule could

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The App-way to Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

In this new modern business environment, it’s essential to cut back the traditional structure of decades past in favor of a model which promotes growth and innovation. In a recent article for Inc.,

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Pay Attention to Your Professional Image (Only If You Want to be Treated with More Respect and Given More Responsibility)

Felix – a new assistant department manager for a small firm – couldn’t figure out why the people beneath him never showed him respect. He considered himself to be relatively outspoken, he dressed

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When a Rubberband Means More Than You Realize

Kayla Cruz of Gen Y Girl is a young twenty-something who has made her mark in the digital world by sharing her personal experiences in a way that’s both moving and enlightening. In one of her recent

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