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Avoid These 5 Common Entrepreneurial Pitfalls

If you’re seeking out entrepreneurship because it will give you the chance to be the boss, you may be in for quite the surprise. Jason Demers, in a recent article for Entrepreneur, suggests that while

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Can A Four Day Workweek Make My Company More Productive?

Stephanie Vozza, in a January 2015 Fast Company article, points out that for many U.S. companies, four day workweeks are quickly becoming the norm. Nearly 43% of companies are offering four day workweeks

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How Well Are Managers Really Evaluating Their Employees?

Associate editor of Entrepreneur magazine Kathleen Davis highlights the key findings of Mercer’s latest Global Performance Management Survey on employee performance evaluation. According to the survey,

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David Brier Defines Innovation

In a recent article for Fast Company magazine, writer and brand identity expert David Brier discusses what separates true innovators from everyone else and the importance of connecting dots. The words

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Innovation Teams Flourish Under the Right Conditions

Scott Anthony discuses on the Harvard Business Review Blog what kinds of constraints spur innovation in a company and which ones kill it. Generally companies should impose two key constraints: First, is

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