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Tell Me a Story and I’ll Remember, Buy, Follow…

My friend Mark Satterfield, founder of Gentle Rain Marketing and featured guest on My Quest for the Best, talks about why the TV series The West Wing was and is a more engaging way to learn about government

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Mark Satterfield

Mark Satterfield on My Quest for the Best

Telling effective sales stories is one the absolute best ways to raise your visibility, and nobody’s better at this than Mark Satterfield, CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing. In his My Quest for the

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Chuck Martin

Interview with Chuck Martin is featured this month on My Quest for the Best

In my last post, I talked about insidious switching costs. Sometimes the best way to understand switching costs is to understand an industry that relies on switching costs as strategic drivers, like the

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Stefan Swanepoel, bestselling author of Surviving Your Serengeti, is featured on My Quest for the Best

The first step in minimizing misfires with staff and clients is taking responsibility for your results in business and in life. To make that easier, it helps to have a good idea of your natural strengths

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Melinda Blau

Discover the power of consequential strangers with Melinda Blau on My Quest for the Best

This February, a month traditionally focused on your closest loved ones, expand your perspective on relationships and your ideas of how they can help grow your business. Melinda Blau, a prolific journalist

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Leadership expert Mark Sanborn discusses the nature of change on My Quest for the Best

Mark Sanborn, leadership expert and best selling author, recently spoke with me about an important point from his latest book, Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed when Times are Good, Bad, or In-Between.

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