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Make a Boring Presentation Sound Interesting

How do you make your routine presentation on project progress sound more interesting to the audience? Annet Grant gives 4 steps to keeping your audience from falling asleep. Turn Data into Images.  Unless

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5 Ways to Select the Best Advice to Follow

Maxine, CEO of a national call center, had invited me to meet and discuss what elements to prioritize in a custom leadership development program she wanted to roll out for her top managers. We sat at her

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Grit Means Focused Determination

UPenn psychologist Angela Duckworth is known for bringing the traits and value of grit to the forefront of awareness through her research, publications, and presentations. I was fortunate to learn firsthand

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Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Presentations

Summary of Rand Fishkin’s Tips: Eliminate or race through well-known or highly obvious information. Never show multiple elements of info on a slide before you talk about them. Customize your examples

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Let’s Do It Again! What Causes Repeat Business

If you are willing to do this 3-minute exercise with me, I can help you overcome the hidden hurdle to getting repeat business. Are you up for it? Great. You may travel for business like I do and find

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Invention or Innovation? Jacob Morgan on Recognizing the Difference

The terms invention and innovation have become noticeably vague in the age of information, and defining their separate characteristics has become quite the challenge. Yet, business executives on a global

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Words Matter: Frame Goals to Boost Motivation

You probably know by now that taking the time to set specific goals will mean the difference between staying stagnant and making progress. But did you know that the words you use to formulate those goals

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Disruptive Technologies for Simple Industries

It’s impossible to ignore – disruptive technologies are changing the face of modern industry, and that doesn’t just mean large corporations, but small businesses, too. Despite how prevalent

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Step Up and Step Out (of Your Comfort Zone)

The common descriptors for Millennials in the workplace are “lazy” and “unskilled.” Their lack of professional experience coupled with a self-centered attitude makes them seemingly

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Change Your Environment to Go Paperless

For many modern offices the prospect of “Going Paperless” seems a daunting task. However, with a few quick changes, freeing your environment of its abundant paper problem is really quite simple.

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