August 1


CEO of Jump Associates on My Quest for the Best

Dev Patnaik is the author of the critically acclaimed Wired to Care and the CEO of Jump Associates, a hybrid strategy firm that’s built to tackle the kinds of persistent, highly ambiguous questions that keep great leaders up at night. My interview with Dev on My Quest for the Best revealed his unique and valuable perspective on topics like:


  • What most businesses miss in terms of making strategy pay off
  • How to turn ambiguity into opportunity
  • Why the learner’s mindset matters more than most people realize
  • Crucial components of an innovative work culture
  • Why Target refers to its customers as “Guests”
After a short conversation with Dev, I recognized his keen enthusiasm for solving complex business problems. Dev and his team act as trusted guides through tricky territories for large companies and he brings to that role years of dedicated field work and methods refinement that help uncover insights and hidden patterns. Please encourage your team to listen in to this interview so you can discuss whether your approach to problem solving has stalled because it lacks the hybrid elements that Dev and his team at Jump Associates espouse.
Click here to listen to my conversation with Dev on the My Quest for the Best section of this website.


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