Chamber Magic is World Class. Are Your Customers Saying that About Your Business?

Last night, I took my wife and two good friends to see Chamber Magic, a close-up magic show. Steve Cohen, the master magician who created and performed the illusions, had his History Channel special (Lost Magic Decoded) air the night before, so I was feeling very fortunate to have secured my tickets earlier. About 80 others attended the very classy, very impressive, very intimate event. It was the first time I met Steve Cohen; I have my friend Mark Levy to thank for the recommendation.

It was such a great evening that I’ll be talking about it for weeks. It wasn’t just the first-rate illusions that took place, but the whole experience that put it over the top.

Successful entrepreneurs like you ask me all the time how to get buzz, or people talking about your business, and here are three take-aways:

  1. Demonstrate a unique strength. Magic flows through Steve Cohen’s veins. He loves the art and science of illusions. He genuinely enjoys the banter  and interaction with his audience. He clearly could do things that we could not do and that was intriguing. I loved when he launched a playing card into the air and caught it in the deck between two cards named by audience members. The fact that the cards were called out was a bonus for me – I was in awe of his dexterity simply in controlling the cards and catching one cleanly in the deck in his hand! As an business owner, you cannot create a business that stands out when you lack the skill set to deliver or the presence to enjoy your creativity.
  2. Perform at a world-class level in a world-class setting. Chamber Magic could have been performed at a teenager’s birthday party (except for the Think-a-Drink demonstration, where he poured from a single kettle five different alcoholic beverages based on selections from random audience participants) and we would have left impressed. But because the location was elegant (Waldorf-Astoria in the heart of New York City), we were dressed for an elegant show (attire was specified on the tickets), and we were greeted by courteous and friendly staff, the experience was elevated. What can you do to elevate your service delivery?
  3. Care about every point of the customer experience. Steve Cohen hired professional photographers, web designers, and copywriters to craft his promotional materials. Members of his team at the Waldorf-Astoria made us feel like they were there to serve us personally, instead of the show, anticipating our need for directions, letting us know how to maximize our enjoyment, taking care of any distractions or mundane concerns, such as where to store coats and umbrellas, or providing a pen with which to write answers to questions that were not yet asked. Examine your customer touch points and add even more value to the experience to get your customers appreciating and talking about your business.

As a bonus tip, be sure to attend events that your friends tell you are top-rated, so you can both enjoy the experience and learn from masters who have achieved already what you desire. If you get the chance to see Chamber Magic, it will be very much worth your while.

Let me know what you do to raise the level of your business from your customer’s perspective. And if you make it to the show, tell me what it was like for you!