Corporate Religion

Corporate Religion: Building a Strong Company Through Personality and Corporate Soul by Jesper Kunde

The aim is to unite everything in a Corporate Religion. A religion that brings together the internal company and the external market in a shared, connected flow of understanding. CORPORATE RELIGION is about building a strong market position in a world where consumers no longer demand simply the product, but reliable companies and brands. The winners of the future will be those corporations who can handle the consequences of this change and implement strategies revealed in this book. It’s about a shared vision and the courage to believe in a Corporate Religion.

“Management has to unite the organisation around a strong idea, a shared vision, and then manage accordingly. That makes tough demands. In the company of the future there will only be space for believers. Dissenters must look elsewhere.” It’s about leadership and what is required for winning in the market place of the future.

“Employees have the right to a leader who will stand at the front and lead them into the future. A leader who dares to believe, because without belief, it is impossible to have an opinion about the future.” It’s about internal-external integration, creating a bond between the internal culture and the external positioning, to consolidate the chosen market position.

“Companies can be seen like people. The important factors are: how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us and how we want to be perceived by others. The more integrated the three perspectives, the stronger and more consistent we are.” And it’s about how to implement the idea in the company.

“I provide a number of models, 12 cases and a “timetable” explain how you set the process in motion. You cannot build a strong corporate religion without having strong working tools.” In the future, building strong market positions will be about building companies with a strong personality and corporate soul. (