August 1


Credibility and Business Consistency

“Say, you don’t happen to know a good sports massage therapist?” my colleague asked as we finished a meeting.

“That’s exactly what I was talking about earlier today!” I exclaimed.

And it was — not a sports massage therapist exactly, but marketing consistency.

The trouble with unsystematic marketing approaches is that it makes it very, very hard to be “referable” when a prospect is ready to buy.

Three factors become more favorable to the consistent marketer:

1. Be in the right place at the right time
At any given point in time, you have a percentage of your market that is ready, willing, and able to make a purchasing decision. You may not know who and you may not know when, but if you keep showing up, you’re maximizing your chances of being in the right place at the right time.

2. Be consistent
Consistent educational marketing leads to becoming a trusted source of information and insights, which puts you in a much better position than anyone offering similar products or services.

3. Be relevant
Finally, people who have purchased some form of what you have to offer in the past are more likely to buy your product/service than someone who has not purchased something similar. You’re more likely to sell someone a web site if they’re already convinced that it can be used to bring in more business, than someone who is still wrestling with that idea and hasn’t committed time and money to it before.

Consistency is a critical component to effective marketing.

If I were getting postcards, e-mails, or article reprints, it would be much easier to look up the name of that sports massage therapist I met a few months ago!

Make your marketing more consistent, and you won’t miss opportunities for your fans and customers to refer you; instead, you’ll grow your business!


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