December 5


Curiosity Can Kill Your Company

Confession: I once went through a carwash again to see what sensors were being used. No one else was in the car. The car didn’t need to be re-washed. I just had to know, so I drove around again.

If we go to a magic show together, know that I’ll be talking about it for weeks to not only relive the enjoyment of the the best acts, but to share, develop, and test out hypotheses about “how the magician did it!” Chris Angel calls his performances “demonstrations” for a reason.

What I don’t understand is the attitude of people who don’t want to look behind the curtain, who aren’t awestruck by marvels, be they architectural, performance, or natural, who have never viewed the source of a web site in search of the sources, techniques, and underpinnings. One of the reasons that this is such an amazing time in history to be alive is surely the opportunities we have to really know and understand things. Perhaps the reason for the longevity of The Amazing Race is that its audience appreciates the cultural enrichment as much as the personal and team drama and dynamics.

Seth Godin validates curiosity as an essential characteristic of being innovative and traces the decline of our culture of curiosity from an interesting point in time in this video interview. His advice: rip off your blinders if you want to see amazing things in business or while walking the streets of Las Vegas. Listen to Seth for the full story.

Which all means the headline of this post should read: The LACK of Curiosity Can Kill Your Company, which you understand by now.

Pay attention to Sally Hogshead describe her perspective on curiosity in the following YouTube video.

Sally urges us to share content that is of interest on a consistent basis that is interesting not only to our network, but to our networks’ networks: the people our associates know that we wouldn’t be able to contact without our associates.

Know the least  popular and most popular kinds of content that your audience appreciates. Hint for B2B business marketers: unless you are a vet or sell pet food, avoid cat photos.

Take away this formula for using curiosity and social media to boost awareness of your brand and products:

Be curious + Be responsive + Be proactive = Be successful.


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