February 1


Discover the power of consequential strangers with Melinda Blau on My Quest for the Best

This February, a month traditionally focused on your closest loved ones, expand your perspective on relationships and your ideas of how they can help grow your business. Melinda Blau, a prolific journalist and author, has been researching and reporting about relationships and social trends since the seventies. She recently spoke with me about her latest book, Consequential Strangers: The Power of People Who Don’t Seem to Matter…But Really Do, which explores the vast and unsung array of everyday people, on and off the Internet, who have a profound impact on our business success, happiness, and health. In our conversation she shared the advantages of striking up conversations with strangers in business, how having consequential strangers in your life adds both variety to your perspective and dollars to your bottom line, and much more.

Melinda has a unique and important perspective on being open to the information, advice, and opportunities that consequential strangers provide. Don’t spend another day out of the loop of this powerful network that exists outside your door. Click here to listen to my interview with Melinda.


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