November 10


Discover Your Talent and Get Paid for It

Victor Ijidola explores how to discover our talents and get paid for it for Under 30 CEO magazine. Every one of us possesses a unique talent. Our talent gets a value when it is used and becomes money when others test it. So, we need to discover our talents at the right time.

We can discover our talents in two simple steps:

Step 1: Know that you have a special ability and look out for it

Some people discover their talent in a very young age. If you fall in this category, then you’ve got to know that you have a special ability that you have to look out for.

Step 2: Your talent is usually something you enjoy doing

Identify that “thing” for which you have a special ability. That thing you didn’t even need to learn before you knew how to do it. That thing you always enjoy doing. Then pursue it and you will be successful at your field.

Tips to help you discover your talent and make it work for you:

1.     Acquire the necessary skills needed

You need to sharpen your talent by acquiring the necessary skills needed in that particular field. Educate yourself about what you are going into to avoid any mistake which can ruin all your work. Make use of whatever resources you have to learn the skills and give it all you have got.

2.     Be passionate about your talent

The more passionate you are about your talent the easier it will be to face challenges.

3.     Don’t see your age as a barrier

What you have in you has nothing to do with your age. Seeing your age as a barrier would only waste your time.

4.     Don’t entertain excuses

Whatever excuses tend to arise, see it as things you can defeat. Recognize the fact that there is a business in your talent which you have to bring out giving it all you’ve got.

5.     Advertise yourself

Advertise your talent to let others see you or your products. You can do it by creating your own blog where you share your ideas on what you do. This will showcase your products and will let people know your area of expertise. If you don’t show yourself, nobody will see you and ultimately nobody will pay you.


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