August 4


Disruptive Technologies for Simple Industries

It’s impossible to ignore – disruptive technologies are changing the face of modern industry, and that doesn’t just mean large corporations, but small businesses, too. Despite how prevalent this reality has become, it doesn’t make it any less remarkable that less than three decades ago only the super tech savvy or super wealthy had access to desktop computers. Terms like “mobile device,” “app,” and “cloud storage” weren’t even in our vocabulary. Oh, how the times have changed.

Something that may be even more remarkable than our technological advancement, however, is what that advancement has subsequently made possible. Disruption, as it turns out, is making it easier for individuals to return to a more simple life, like for instance, making access to local food that much easier.

One of the pioneering new forces in this movement is Montauk, NY-based business Dock to Dish, founded by local veteran seafarers who wanted to do away with the convoluted shipping lines associated with commercial fishing. Essentially, they wanted to put New York fish back on New York plates, and a dream was born. The novel aspect of their endeavor, however, was not the fact that they are supplying desirable regional fish options to the market, but that in doing so, they were successfully integrating disruptive technologies into their business model.

Unlike many businesses in traditional industries, Dock to Dish understands that to stay relevant in today’s culture, they would not only have to embrace the technology, but master it. They realized that tech-forward companies who are able adapt to the new market environment will be among the fittest, and will remain the most relevant. Companies who fail to understand this will ultimately die out, and many have already done so.

Our future economy will be led by those who are quick to accept and implement available technologies, not only to grow their business, but to ensure that newcomers (who tend to have superior technology but lack the necessary experience) won’t render them irrelevant in the market.

Read more at Mashable.

What are the challenges your company is facing with implementing new disruptive technologies? Do you feel you are ahead or behind the curve? What steps are you taking to bring your business into the modern hi-tech environment?




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