October 17


Eat Lunch at Your Desk to Promote Misery at Work

Drake Baer sparked discussion on the Fast Company site by asking how to increase productivity at the workplace by making our lunch an energy asset.

Having an awesome workday leads to productivity. There are many roads that make our workday awesome, but one road which is thoroughly overlooked is ‘lunch’. Two-thirds of us eat lunch at our desk. This is sad because we spend most of our energy in the morning and the less energy we have the less productive we become. So, we need to unplug at the lunch time in order to work better throughout the day.

Chris Cunningham, organizational psychologist at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, said that taking lunch break away from the desk lets people separate themselves from the source of the energy drain. It builds back some of the resources in the middle of the day rather than at the end when work is over. It is also important to experiment with the way we lunch since resource replenishment is unique to every person. If we experiment we can arrive at the meal that best suits us.

The factors that are out to lunch:

Lunch can energize us only if we step away from the screen and go for a walk down the hall. Cunningham says to do something uplifting rather than browsing the internet.

We can make our lunch an energy asset by:

Hanging out in nature: A walk through the park will unstuck your flow of ideas and make you feel way better.

Hanging out with a friend: Having lunch together will not only make you more productive, it will also make your bond with your colleagues/friends stronger.

Hanging out with your food: You should give yourself a chance to be fascinated with the world around you. You can do that by enjoying your food.

Read more detail on the Fast Company posting.


Do you have any other ideas to make your lunch an energy asset? Tell us in the comments area below.


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