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Energy Forecast

Renewable energy is a critical topic in the US economy. Around the world, forward-thinking engineers have successfully employed solar power, wind power, and water power strategies to make the process of harnessing power more sustainable long term. Yet, according to HuffPost’s Jacqueline Howard, bigger things are on the horizon.

Thanks to modern technology, scientists around the world are exploring ways to better use fusion energy, and even harness power-packed energy from space. They’re looking for new, innovative ways to stop using climate-damaging fossil fuels like coal and oil, which provide power but also lead to pollution, climate change, and even war in some cases.

Currently, solar, wind, and water power only account for 13% of the United States’ total electricity generation. Fortunately there are many people examining some ways to make American power usage more sustainable. Here are a few of their ideas.

Energy from Space 

Although many countries have attempted to experiment with how to pull energy from space, Japan is among the first to create plans to build a space-based solar power farm.

Creative Placing of Solar Panels

Solar powers aren’t just for windows, deserts, and car parks. Thinking up unusual, creative places to position solar panels will generate that boost of added energy.

Powerful Wind-Solar Hybrids

What will happen when you take the power of the wind and the power of the sun and bring them together? You will get game changing, power-packed, and more importantly, clean energy. Arizona is currently making plans for the first of its kind, which, if brought into being, will be the world’s second tallest structure.

Tapping into Fusion Energy 

Fusion is what powers the sun, and if we can effectively tap into that, we will have solutions to most if not all of our energy problems. The only issues are that not only is fusion energy is not renewable, scientists still have a long way to go before they can properly harness it.

Using renewable energy to its fullest potential is a necessary investment in our future, and the innovative strategies devised to bring this about deserve to be properly explored. If we fail to do so, then the energy forecast for our country seems pretty grim.

Read more details from Huffington Post.

What has your business done to become more sustainable in light of the current energy forecast?

Photo by: Justin Elliott


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