About Working with Bill Ringle

What are some ways that working with Bill Ringle is different and better than other experts on entrepreneurism, business growth, accelerated learning, change mangement, and strategy?

Bill Ringle takes a systematic approach to delivering professional presentations. When you engage him to speak, facilitate, or present, you get:

  • Customized research and delivery
  • Access to a range of business knowledge and experience that is both wide and deep
  • Flexibility with accommodating your formats, location, and time constraints
  • Focus on strategic issues with practical, relevent tools, tales, techniques, and practices
  • Someone who is widely published in print and online
  • A business leader who can relate well to in groups, especially to his target audiences
  • Someone who interacts with participants before, during, and after the event
  • A professional who treats support staff well — from administrative assistants to staging crew
  • No billing surprises — expenses other than airfare and hotel are per diem, to avoid any surprises

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How can my people expect to benefit?

Having run several businesses and business divisions within a Fortune 100 company and a major university; being responsible for P/L statements himself as a business owner, and having served on boards for a range of private enterprises and not-for-profit groups, Bill understands that the purpose of a group event is to make an investment in your people.

As the executive in charge of the event, you want your people to be feel differently afterwards (more energized, more motivated, more appreciated, etc) and to have their capabilities increased to become more productive, profitable, and influential with internal and external interactions.

As part of the design process for your event, you’ll have the opportunity to have one or more conversations with Bill Ringle to make sure you’re in alignment with your major objectives for the event and for your business. To get a further details on what happens when you engage Bill Ringle, read the details of his service pledge.


Audiences Best Suited to Bill Ringle’s Style and Expertise

After a number of presentations, with reflection and coaching, an expert who speaks to groups often gets to recognize the patterns and similarities of where groups really “take off” with the energy, interaction style, and level of message that a professional brings to the event.

“Any meeting planner who has been around for more than 3 months knows that not every speaker is an ideal match for every event,” Bill Ringle observes. “An ideal situation is one where the business objectives are understood by the executive in charge of the event, the meeting planner, and the presenter; the audience understands the challenges ahead; and the presenter is given both parameters and permission to move members of the audience towards those objectives through educational principles, motivating stories/examples, discussion exercises, and other methods at his disposal. Professionals have a toolkit to draw upon, and I know for myself that part of the reward of working with groups is the satisfaction of seeing progress and hearing about success stories.”

Types of audience best suited to Bill’s style and expertise reasonate with the need to become more productive, increase profitability, and develop greater influcence. They include:

  • Management and leadership groups — including strategic briefings, forums, and retreats
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs — especially women business owners/entrepreneurs
  • Knowledge workers in industries such as pharmaceutical, life/bio sciences, information technology, engineering, financial services, hospitality, and other professional services
  • Sales managers in entrepreneural situations — including VARs, academic admissions departments, and sales conferences
  • Project managers, especially when leading virtual teams in remote locations

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Bill Ringle also coaches business owners and product marketing leaders to achieve greater results with less effort. Inquire on this page about customized development programs.

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