September 24


Featured in Speaker Showcase – A Lesson in Getting Visibility in All the Right Places

I was featured in the premier issue of Speaker Showcase this month. Jack Canfield, who you know as Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-creator, graced the magazine cover. Jack’s image alone causes readers to open and explore the magazine.

My featured status means that meeting planners who want an expert on business growth or creating a culture of high performance in the workplace will call 610-626-0175 and ask for Bill Ringle when Jack Canfield is unavailable due to travel or budget or topic fit.

So, what’s the lesson for you to adopt to build your business? Here are three:


  1. Association matters. A publication like Speakers Showcase is a great fit for me as a speaker because many top business speakers like Steve Harrison, Vince Papale, and Mark Satterfield are also featured. Find where the leaders in your field are, and contribute to the same publications, participate in the same associations, and speak to the same conferences.
  2. Audience matters. Over 4,000 meeting planners read Speaker Showcase. That’s a rich environment for getting my name in front of executives who make hiring decisions for speakers. Who is your audience? Where do they gather? What do they read? Focus on those places to efficiently reach those who can benefit from your offerings.
  3. Headlines matter. In the Speaker Showcase magazine, mine is “America’s Business Growth Strategist Removes Hidden Roadblocks to Business Health and Wealth” and it is designed to offer the unique benefit of helping people find problems that are not obvious and fixing them. The headline also positions me as a nationally known expert in business growth strategy that my background and professional experience support. Can you summarize a positioning statement and the problem you solve in a dozen words or fewer? Take time to write some drafts. See what you come up with so you are ready when your opportunity arises.

I hope that these tips help you find ways to be visible that lead to more business so you can serve others in a bigger way.


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