Follow-up Zone

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This section of the web site serves participants who have attended one of Bill Ringle’s keynote speeches, management presentations, strategic retreats, workshops, interviews, or teleseminars.

Remember to look on your participant guide — often you’ll be given a special web address with additional resources just for your event.

Visit Bill’s Blog, Build a Stronger Business

Bill writes a weekly web log on ideas, practices, and people to inspire you to build a stronger business. Follow this link to Build A Stronger Business.
Test Your Knowledge

Interactive feedback is a key component of proving to yourself that you’ve acquired new knowledge. (It’s also designed to be fun.)

Bill develops these short quizzes for his courses and for participants in to demonstrate progress and self-mastery.

Here’s a sample of a test-your-knowledge exercise.

eBusiness Practices and Principles Quiz (coming soon)
Marketing Quiz for Business Owners (coming soon)
Who’s who in the first decade of the commercial Internet (coming soon)

Recommended Reading

“Through reading, you exercise your mind and learn ideas. Other’s experiences can help you to build a stronger business and to live a better life. A book is a condensation of wisdom and reflection — life is too short to learn from just your own mistakes!”
Bill Ringle, Business strategist and eBusiness expert

Follow this link to a list of recommended books on business development, eBusiness development, strategy and leadership development.

What’s the Next Step?

Below are a few quick access points for additional follow-up:

Share your successes with using ideas, techniques, tools, and processes Bill explained.
If you want another presentation by Bill Ringle to increase your productivity, profitability,and influence, make your request for a date on this page.
If you’d like to arrange for Bill to work with your team or yourself, visit this page to get the process started.