Freedom and Accountability at Work

Freedom and Accountability at Work: Applying Philosophic Insight to the Real World by Peter Koestenbaum and Peter Block

We live in organizations that are more interested in controlling and predicting behavior than understanding it. We view freedom as a problem to be managed rather than the essence of all motivation and creativity. If we can deepen our understanding of what it means to be a human being, we can become leaders who discover and create meaning no matter where we work or what we do for a living. Freedom and Accountability at Work is a provocative book on leadership and the workplace that celebrates leadership as a challenge in philosophical reflection as opposed to a set of behaviors and skills to be honed for success. Written in collaboration by noted philosophy professor Peter Koestenbaum and renowned business consultant Peter Block, Freedom and Accountability at Work is a leading-edge and practical book that draws on the co-authors’ combined wisdom and expertise. Koestenbaum and Block offer you a new way of thinking about effective leadership. They present a deeper understanding of how to handle the most difficult of human emotions including uncertainty, anxiety, guilt, and anger. These subjective realities of each of our lives can become our allies and sources of strength if we view them from a philosophical viewpoint.

Throughout the book, the authors make constructive suggestions for overcoming the feelings of helplessness and isolation that are a product of our technology-dominant culture. Freedom and Accountability at Work reveals how you can make the transition from a science- and psychology-based view of the world to an understanding based on philosophy and the search for meaning and ethics. The authors emphasize the power and value of deepening your appreciation, even changing your mind, about what it means to be human in a world that is driven by speed, technology, and quick-fix solutions. Integrating the wisdom and insights in Freedom and Accountability at Work into your everyday life can help bring meaning, purpose, and hope to your ever- changing and often chaotic world. (

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