Funky Business: How to Enjoy Capitalism

Funky Business: How to Enjoy Capitalism by Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell Nordstrom

Funky Business: no business book is more stylish, or more funky. Now it’s back and it’s more funky than ever. Funky Business Forever casts a penetrating glance back over its shoulder to see how many of its predictions came true and turns a piercing gaze on the future to see where funky business is headed next. What’s new? What’s different? How will we be living, working, thinking tomorrow?


Dip into this inimitable and exuberant gallop through the big issues of today and see what the original funksters, Nordström and RidderstrSle, have to say about capitalism, the economy, politics, technology, the environment, talent. Always provocative, always controversial, their ideas may make you laugh, shout, grind your teeth, nod your head, pull your hair out, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll make you think. And they might even make you more funky.… (