January 16


Google Tests Interaction on Home Page – How Are You Experimenting?

This morning I found an unusual image of a snowy field with primitive video graphics on my Google Home page, and with no more exhortation, persuasion, or inducement, I clicked it out of curiosity. I wondered if it was an anniversary of a technology, company, or coder I might recognize.

Three minutes later, I found I had used keyboard arrow keys to direct the zamboni to clear the ice. In doing so, I realized that the this was the connection, and sure enough, today is what would have been the 112 th birthday of Frank Zamboni, the inventor of the  eponymous ice resurfacer.

Interaction on ice, even in a simulation, is not without its dangers. You can run out of gas and become stranded. Or, maybe you’ll drive over a banana peel. Or, if you drive wildly, you can slam your zamboni into the sides of the arena!

The business lesson: The subtle forces of intrigue and interaction lead to engagement. How are you using these tools in your marketing?


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