Grow Your People and You’ll Grow Your Business

by: Bill Ringle

Three of the top responsibilities of an entrepreneur include: 1) communicating your vision, 2) being the chief sales person, and 3) developing a great team.

Of these three, developing a team often gets short shrift. For many entrepreneurs, it’s not even on their radar screen of important things to do.

For those who know it’s important, it’s not always apparent how to do it.

Here are five tips to help you stay on track:

    1. Be sure you have a written job description for every position in your company, even if it’s already filled.
    2. Every employee should have a quarterly meeting with his/her manager to discuss performance, goals, and professional development opportunities.
    3. Take commitments and accountability seriously. Top performers in every field need opportunities to be challenged and to grow.
    4. Realize that there are dozens of non-monetary ways to reward and recognize employees.
    5. Encourage and support employees to bring in business and to refer highly respected colleagues to apply for openings.

      When staff knows that all of their contributions are welcome and appreciated, your company will benefit, as will the people you serve.

      Savvy entrepreneurs recognize the value of leveraging knowledge and sharing good ideas.

      Be sure to share this info with your staff so you build strength throughout your business.


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