Guy Kawasaki: Make Meaning in Your Company


In this video clip, straight-talker, garage start-up supporter, best-selling author, and Silicon Valley legend Guy Kawasaki shares three ways that a company can make meaning: 1) Increase the quality of life, 2) Right a wrong, and 3) Prevent the end of something good. He says that companies that start out to make meaning will also make money, but those that set out to just make money may not succeed at making money or meaning.

Being clear on making meaning, or making a difference it the world (or industry or your local community), is a vital way to unlock the growth potential of your company. However, I’ve seen too many well-intentioned start-ups, non-profits, and solopreneurs run out of money before being able to make a difference. Combine that with the fact that it is rare to get funded or supported until you achieve cash flow and prove a number of significant assumptions, and even then, funding isn’t assured.

The key from my perspective is to make money in order to make a difference, so that you dedicate a portion of your profits to supporting a cause or making a positive change. Then, as your company grows, you are able to observe the increased impact you are having in providing more immunizations, books, or meals. A growing business is a healthy business and a business that can make a difference. Furthermore, without money, you cannot achieve sustainability, and without meeting your existence requirements, you will not be supporting your mission.