Develop Your Achievement Muscle

Flexing Muscles

Achievement requires a set of skills or “muscles” to set goals, communicate and marshal the resources, take course correction, and complete it.

People who do not undertake big plans often wonder how others accomplish so much. Here are 3 tips to help you develop your Achievement Muscles:

  1. Think bigger. The first muscle in this set that you need to exercise is your imagination.
  2. Front-end load, so you spend sufficient time planning.
  3. Set sprint goals. To accomplish a lot in a short period of time, define clear goals for 30 minutes to an hour and work hard during that time.

About the Author Bill Ringle

Bill Ringle is a CEO, former Apple exec, published author, and angel investor. Through Grow Business Now, he offers strategies and tools to elevate growth for executives and entrepreneurs from more than 46 industries. Bill has conducted nearly 200 podcast interviews on My Quest for the Best, where industry and business leaders share their secrets to success.

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