Highlights from the Alan Weiss Mentor Summit in Las Vegas

When you want to greatly increase your chances of success and reduce the time it takes to accomplish your goals, you want to find a proven model and follow it. Alan Weiss is arguably one of the most successful solo consultants of our generation, having written more than 40 published books, consulted to top tier Fortune 100 clients around the world, and recognized by numerous  associations and major media outlets for his professional contributions. Alan’s brand as “The Million Dollar Consultant” is more than a badge of accomplishment because he not only has achieved a high level of success, but he has shown and generously assisted hundreds of others how to do it, as well.

Alan Weiss has formed a community of consultants who have benefited from his model and his approach to succeeding as a consultant. Below are a collection of best practices and valuable take-aways from our recent Summit in Las Vegas.

Bill Ringle
Bill Ringle
My biggest tip from the summit is to hang around with super successful people frequently not just for the tips shared, but to create an environment that supports and encourages high achievement. For instance, we were talking one night about a memorable way to have celebrated a successful engagement and two people in a row said that they’d go out to a fine restaurant with their significant other – the first in his home town, the second as part of a two-week vacation to Italy. Big eye-opener. That’s the difference a really great peer group can make!Bill Ringle
LearnWell, LLC

Melanie Lampson
Melanie Lampson
The truly global community at the Mentor Summit gave me hands-on information to further drive cultural transformation with my clients. Melissa Lamson
Lamson Consulting, LLC

Kelli Richards
Kelli Richards
My best tip regarding the Mentor Summits, beyond simply showing up (which is half of it!), is taking the opportunity to engage with Alan himself in person — as well as networking with your peers and colleagues; both are of great value to participants.Kelli Richards
President & CEO
The All Access Group, LLC

Dan Weedin
Dan Weedin
The biggest value I received from the Mentor Summit was a new service idea
that can be implemented immediately. I’ve been searching for a solution
for small business owners and during dinner with a colleague, we came up
with an idea called “Biz Killers” that I can market to my community as a
monthly tip sheet and teleconference call to help small business owners
with advice on insurance and risk management, while keeping it affordable
for their budget. In fact, during the Summit, I purchased the URL and got
started with implementing! This wouldn’t have happened if not for Alan
Weiss building a community of world-class consultants who can engage with
each other to help all of us in our consulting career. The energy and
synergy is tremendous and you’re missing out if you’re not here.Dan Weedin
Toro Consulting, Inc.

Lyn Garbers
Lyn Garbers
The most important take-away from my first Mentor Summit is that I am not alone! I have a whole community of business leaders and entrepreneurs who are successful world-class consultants and who are generous in spirit to help and support me if I just ask! In addition, I have a place to give back to those who ask me. This is true value in relationships, only made possible by Alan and his contributions to our profession! If you are sitting on the fence about the investment of time and/or value of the Summits, don’t! Make the decision to attend – you will gain so much in the process!Lynn Garbers
Eagle Acheivements

Colleen Francis
Colleen Francis
When you add value to your relationships, people want to hear from you and they what to hear from you more. Don’t worry about making the sale, only worry about how you are adding value.Colleen Francis
President of Engage Selling Solutions

Richard Citrin
Richard Citrin
One of the greatest criticisms of Abraham Lincoln was that he could not get his Generals to act. Lincoln went through a cadre of leaders and just a few, Ulysses Grant and William Sherman, provided the kind of decisive leadership that moved the Union to victory. Although Lincoln had a great sense of urgency about winning the Civil War, he was not able to translate this urgency to action with many of his Generals. As a result, the War probably carried on far longer than it needed to. Creating a sense of urgency is critical for success in business and in life. It’s not enough to persuade people to see your point of view. They must be called to action by seeing that your product or service will make a real and significant difference in their life and that they would be missing out by not taking advantage of it now.  The clarity must be yours to begin and then you must find the assertive will it to translate onto your customers.Richard Citrin

Jason Wisdom
Jason Wisdom
My huge, huge takeaway is there are two causes of stress, which absolutely kills creativity:
financial strain and relationship strain. It’s common sense and I could have written it on paper before, but during the week I felt it as in personal epiphany.Jason Wisdom
Wisdom Consulting
Leveraging Technology for Great Results

Bobby Bakshi
Bobby Bakshi
My takeaways from my first summit:

  1. I’m in a good place, and GREAT is around the corner.
  2. “The most important thing is to have a customer” (tip-of-the-hat to Andrew Hollo).
  3. My value prop is fuzzy (at best).
  4. I have great skills to offer that I am not showcasing in my company, Resonant Insights.
  5. I can easily redo my value prop (and know that everyone does-at least a few times).
  6. Pick up the phone, before email.
  7. Discern ECONOMIC BUYER immediately and focus on him/her.
  8. Write my monthly/weekly/daily plan on PAPER (phew! no more figuring out the best iPhone app).
  9. Breathe.
  10. Participate in the forum and put on my self-esteem shield.


Bobby Bakshi
Resonant Insights

Andrew Hollo
Andrew Hollo

My #1 takeaway from the summit was this: “Take the same level of collegiality from the Mentor Summit and superimpose it onto our buyers and client relationships.”


Andrew Hollo
Workwell Consulting

David Nour
David Nour

Tipping points to reach previously unimaginable levels in your business:

  1. Believe in yourself and express it (shameless promotion notes).
  2. Develop a presence via a strong use of language, make people feel like they can connect with you, and don’t take anything personally.
  3. Set bigger goals without arbitrary limitations – “I’d like to maximize my success in this…” vs. “I want to make this much $$.”
  4. Ask: has anyone anywhere done this before? If yes, model their journey.
  5. Create a clarity in your purpose.
  6. Recognize the value of speed.
  7. Become a prudent risk taker.


David Nour
Relationship Economics®

Libby Wagner
Libby Wagner

Language + Confidence = Progress Toward Success

Language = Your command of your language, both written and oral, both planned and in-the-moment. Increase command via reading (expand to include non-business writing such as novels, poetry, etc.) and writing as a practice.

Confidence = Your demonstrated levels of self-esteem. Take small steps, the next step, increase knowledge, gain confidence, etc.


Libby Wagner
Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Libby Wagner & Associates

Simma Lieberman
Simma Lieberman

Lessons learned:

  1. For me, be a little less “persuasive,” and more assertive. In practice- I’ve been calling clients and prospects and been more direct at asking for business.
  2. Teach to the top third of the group- my observation is that those people are usually stronger influencers for future business. I started tweaking a new program to do that.
  3. Improve language when asking for referral – “looking for a person just like you, who has a budget and can make a decision.”
  4. Focus more on respect, rather than being liked by clients.
  5. Continuously remind myself of my value.
  6. I have strong affiliate needs, and thrive with accountability partners – it’s not a weakness, just my style and how I’m more successful


Simma Lieberman
“The Inclusionist”
Simma Lieberman Associates

Roberta Matauson
Roberta Matauson
My biggest take away from the Summit is to set the agenda early on in the meeting. By doing so, I will be able to swiftly go from having a nice conversation to moving towards discussing ways I can add value to potential clients.Roberta Matuson
Human Resource Solutions

Dan Markovitz
Dan Markowitz
Here’s my big idea: imagine talking with a buyer the way you talk to colleagues at the Summit. Yes, I’ve heard the message that we have to act like a peer dozens of times, but this image — collaborating with you guys — really hit home.Dan Markovitz
President, TimeBack Management

Dave Gardner
Dave Gardner

It is far more important to be respected for who you are and the value you bring than to be liked. Why?

Too many consultants worry about being liked before, during and after a client relationship enabling undesirable behavior on their part as well as the client. Stop it!
Dave Gardner


Alex L. Goldfayn
Alex L. Goldfayn
  • Talk to prospect as a peer, as we do to each other at these events.
  • Surprise prospects and clients with unexpected value — basically do nice things every now and then that they do not see coming.
  • Increase assertiveness — less casual conversation, implement agendas (both big picture, for my marketing, and on a micro level with each prospect).
  • Decrease persuasiveness — shut up and listen. Don’t push so hard for business, which is instinct to me.

Alex L. Goldfayn
The Technology Tailor

Jennifer Whitt
Jennifer Whitt
BEST TIP: OUTSOURCE work that is not the best use of my time so I can FOCUS on WRITING, CREATING IP and MARKETING GRAVITY.I have already implemented — hired my first resource today on oDesk.com and transitioned a project off my plate!Jennifer Whitt, PMP
Founder – PDUs2Go.com
Atlanta, GA 30305