November 30


How Do You Expect Your Business to Grow?

By Bill Ringle

I met Leslie at a business networking breakfast. She owned a graphic design firm with 2 design and layout stars on staff, and most of her business came from 2 big clients.

Within a few minutes of the talking with her, she said, “You know, this is the best conversation I’ve had all morning. I’m not really the ‘marketing type’, so I didn’t know what I was going to do at this breakfast.”

Can you believe that? Not the “marketing type.” Do you know business owners who think or say such things? Yikes!

Every business owner or entrepreneurs needs three things to succeed: talent, a good work ethic, and opportunity.

If you have skills and talents that add value to the situations your clients are facing, you’re ahead of the game and have cleared a hurdle that few could help you with if you lacked those attributes.

Work ethic is a matter of clear objectives and a proper perspective of the risk your enterprise has undertaken. These factors can be aligned in a single conversation and is usually very close to the surface for entrepreneurs in early stage as well as growth stage companies.

Opportunity is the variable that can be influenced and optimized. You can create and cultivate opportunity. You can develop the skills to maximize your chances of success in a given endeavor.

But you’ve got to start with the right mindset. And a really big part of that is thinking of yourself as a “marketing type” or words to that effect. Call yourself a business builder or a rainmaker or a big game hunter – whatever you prefer.

Leslie got lucky with 2 clients who can keep her and her small company busy with projects, but she’ll never grow and be at terrible risk if one of her clients drops off because she won’t have the skills or relationships to cultivate a new one.

Your business has to grow based on initiative and results – two factors far removed from chance, luck, and hope. Someone has to grow your business and I believe that someone is YOU.

Accept the responsibility. Embrace that as part of what you do on a regular basis and you’ll see your business grow.




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