October 30


How Entrepreneurs Can Sharpen Their Sales Focus

Martin Zwilling highlights marketing and selling skills that are crucial to the success of every startup.

He explores principles from Julie Steelman’s book “The Effortless Yes: Demystifying the Selling Process.” Steelman outlines the key selling steps that separate great salesman from the not-so-great.

Pay attention to these steps:

  1. Dust off your moxie: Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, rather, work for it. Be passionate about what you are selling and provide your customers with something of value in exchange for the payment.
  2. Claim your sweet spot: The way to claim it is to name your expertise or specialty, describe for whom it’s meant. Clearly state how it delivers on its promise.
  3. Craft your irresistible pitch: Let your customers know what you do best clearly and concisely. An irresistible pitch is an honest statement of why you do what you do.
  4. Socialize your message: Use the social media to initiate contact, highlight your human element and communicate your specialty to the customers.
  5. Engage graciously: Deepen your relationship with your customers by treating them with respect, honesty and warmth to make the selling process more enjoyable. Don’t forget to follow-up.
  6. Discover your signature selling style: Sell in a way that matches your personality style and your strengths to enjoy the selling process.
  7. Perfect your natural ask: Ask the customer for their decision at the end of a transaction. It will demonstrate leadership on your part.

In a startup, you can’t afford to rely on specialists for everything.  You also have to do the selling part so that there is a win-win close where the customer satisfies a need and you make money in the process.


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Do you have any particular selling skill that works well for you? Share in the comments below.


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