How myBusinessGym Works

If your business was as successful as you dream it could be, what would that allow you to accomplish?

You launched a business to take advantage of an opportunity, because you believed you could make a difference, because you wanted to do better than you would working for somebody else.

You brought your talents to the marketplace and found some success.

You also found that there’s a lot more to achieving success than you thought.

myBusinessGym operates on these 7 principles:

  1. A business will grow in direct proportion to the quality of people that constitute the company. Improve the people and you’ll improve the company.
  2. Growth is measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. Yes, measure revenue, profits, client satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and other business metrics. As an entrepreneur, also take stock of your quality of life issues: ability to relax, time spent with the people who matter most in your life, level of confidence, and other important areas.
  3. You’ll gain more from ongoing development than by short bursts of irregular activity. Investing an hour or so to focus on your business each week rather than a frantic 3 day period once a year is better. Think of working out at the gym — weekend warriors get more injuries and fewer health benefits than those who pace themselves and show up more regularly.
  4. Real change occurs from the inside out. Entrepreneurs are successful largely because they think differently from the crowd. You’ve got to believe a change will be in your best interest before you’ll embrace it.
  5. The environment you create determines your choices and influences your capabilities. Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to be focused during certain types of weather? Do you have more energy in the morning or afternoon or evening? These are environment questions, and the more you know about yourself and your environment, the more you can consciously create an optimal environments for yourself and your business.
  6. In order to advance, you often have to let go. As you go from earning $35,000 a year to $350,000 per year, you don’t work 10x’s as many hours. You have to let go of old habits and develop new habits, practices, and so on. Entrepreneurs enjoy challenges and exercising their adaptive intelligence.
  7. Effective growth takes place in the context of improved relationships and communications. We’re wired to learn and grow in social situations. Every successful entrepreneur knows that many people had a hand in helping them achieve their goals; the smartest ones acknowledge their contributors and knowingly cultivate these mutually beneficial relationships.


myBusinessGym combines the elements of a business school and a health club.

myBusinessGym is a dynamic entrepreneurial community for established business leaders who are creating successful high-tech and professional service firms in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Business School + Health Club = myBusinessGym

Just as a business school has departments and a health club has work out rooms, myBusinessGym has items grouped for easy access. myBusinessGym focuses on increasing your awareness, knowledge, and skills in these areas:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finances
  • Client Service
  • Staff & Operations
  • Strategic Leadership

myBusinessGym supports and facilitates growth through educational programs, business coaching, and targeted training.

arrow If the way myBusinessGym works makes sense to you so far, then find out more about the services we offer at myBusinessGym.

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